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Four places you need to visit if you are nature lover

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A fully visual way to build websites using WordPress

A Powerful and Elegant live front end page builder for WordPress, that comes with 50+ styling modules, a live text editor and pre-built concepts. It makes building web pages a breeze and is loved by newbies and pros alike.

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Words of Wisdom from a successful blogger

Burn rate iteration leverage partnership client bootstrapping advisor long tail market metrics startup incubator branding mass market. Infographic success growth hacking traction startup pitch twitter hackathon.

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How robots are helping farmers in improving produce quality ?

We are on the verge of the next green revolution. Except this time it is being driven by robots. A number of IOT devices are being developed that can automate most of the processes.

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Will VR revolutionize the way kids learn at school ?

Imagination is more important than intelligence. If you can imagine it, you can build it, said Albert Einstein. With VR, every kid can get the power of imagination. Its sure to revolutionize learning.

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